The Coordinating European Council

For the development of Performance Tests for Fuels, Lubricants and Other Fluids

Tenders - Request For Bids

From time-to-time the CEC Board will publish Tenders for CEC Test Method development work. Interested laboratories may submit their bids for this work according to CEC's standard guidelines and procedures, which are available on this web-site, please click on the 'Constitution' button above. In particular we would like to draw your attention to the following:

Guideline 10 - The Tendering Process

Guideline 11 - Sponsored Test Development + Surveillance Groups

Guideline 13 - Sponsorship and Funding of CEC Test Method Development

If you are interested in bidding for any current CEC tenders detailed below, please follow instructions contained in the document and if you have any questions please contact the CEC Secretariat.